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This is me

Through the creative process I have gravitated towards the memories of places I have travelled and explored. Places that have impacted me for better or for worse, those places that have left an emotional imprint upon my being; from dirty, inner-city, back-streets to pristine Scottish, West Coast beaches, Croatian seascape’s and Georgian mountain top’s. The form of abstract art allows me to process and express these memories and thoughts, many of which I have carried with me, on the inside, my whole life.


I bring
memories to life

Surrealism. I am here to create psychological effects that fuse the conception of the interior and exterior.

 In my paintings I coordinate interiors and nature to create new integrated nature with urban spaces, so that natural and man-made systems can merge and cooperate. By painting living plants as a background and adding casual interior objects demonstrates how nature and interior hybrids can reshape our living spaces in hope to achieve a symbiosis between human and nature.

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